The purpose of this Scientific Material is To Facilitate and Help Visitors to Get Reference Materials and Also All Problems That Often Play In The Mind. Hope this Scientific Partnership Can Help Us All A Little.

Ustaz Nafis Rahman

Personal Beauty Matters

Often We Will See The Mirror In Our Lives No matter Where and When. How Lucky We Are If We Practice This In Life At The Same Time Get Blessings From Allah SWT.

Ustaz Nafis Rahman

Practice After Waking From Sleep

We Are Grateful Today And Every Morning We Are Given More Blessings To Enjoy The World While There Is No Other Than Not To Seek Redha Allah SWT. When Waking From Sleep, Practice This.

Ustaz Nafis Rahman

Practices Before Bedtime

After a day out looking for sustenance, working, seeking knowledge and so on, arrive at night or at rest we will sleep. But Do Not Forget The Many Things That We Can Benefit From It If We Practice These Things Before Bed.

Ustaz Nafis Rahman

About Safar

Many Ask About Safar Month, What Are The Benefits, What Are The Advantages Of Safar Month So In This Video, Ustaz Nafis Rahman Explains About The Question That Is A Question Mark Of Our Society Today

Ustaz Nafis Rahman

The Noble Practices of the Month of Muharram

In This Partnership Explains Some Terms That We Can Practice Which This Practice Is Very Noble On The Side Of Allah SWT If We Practice In This Glorious Month, The Month Of Muharram.

Ustaz Nafis Rahman

Manners Before Leaving the House

Before Leaving Home, It Is Highly Encouraged For The Whole House Or Even Guests Who Come To The House To Practice This Practice. Many Rewards And Benefits If All Of Us Practice This Practice.

Ustaz Nafis Rahman

Honorable of Nabi Muhammad SAW

Too Many Sacrifices Have Been Made By The Nabi Muhammad SAW For His Beloved People, So Let Us All Take Lessons And Lessons For The Story Of Sharing This Time

Ustaz Nafis Rahman

Advice from Nabi Muhammad SAW

Before We Close Our Eyes, As Long As We Are Still Breathing, Always Remember That We Are Often Reminded Of Some Things That Have Been Left By Nabi Muhammad SAW As A Guide And Message For Us Today

Ustaz Nafis Rahman

Prayer to Enter the Market

Prophet Muhammad SAW Has Taught Us To Practice Prayer Before We Enter Or Go To Many Markets Or Places, So We Can Practice This Prayer Practice So That We Are Always Protected By Allah SWT

Ustaz Nafis Rahman

Prayer Ride the Vehicle

To Bless Our Journey To A Destination, We Must Practice The Practice Organized By Rasulullah Which Is To Recite Prayers In A Vehicle So That Our Journey Is Always Protected By Allah SWT

Ustaz Nafis Rahman

Prayer During Sick

Allah Gives Us Pain, According To The Endurance Of His Servants, And Much Wisdom. The Pain Is Zikrullah. Those Who Are Tested With Pain, Mention The Name Of Allah More Often Than When They Were Healthy